Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stations and Tasks

One thing I am quickly learning about simplifying my home is that we need so much more structure!  I heart structure - so this will be easy for me.  Another thing I am learning, is that organizing is super duper addicting!  That's so amazing for me - I am good at getting addicted to things! Another thing I am learning is that STATIONS are a VERY much needed part of having an organized home.  A few of the stations I am creating right off the bat are: DONATION STATION, RECYCLE STATION, CRAFT STATION,

Donation Station
This could be any box or bag or area of your home designated to temporarily hold all the items that belong to another home.  These are items you do not use on a daily/weekly/monthly basis than could be better placed somewhere else.  Remember: your trash could be someone else's treasure...

Recycle Station
I am recycling addict!  I HATE seeing items that could be recycled thrown away, and believe me, I actually dig through the trash bins in my home to find items that could be recycled.  Must be the hippie in me coming out...

Craft Station
Between my sweet 7 year old daughter and me - crafts are ALWAYS being crafted.  My recent adventure is the amazing SILHOUETTE and that is what I am spending most of my crafting time on.  My sweet 7 year old, Madison, LOVES to create, re-create and design during her free time.  We have a constant supply of beads, string, paper, poms, Styrofoam balls, paint, glue, and knick knacks (only she would dream up) laying around.  This station, will house all of these items - perfectly.


I am also creating for myself the following: "Take 5", "Everyday 20", "Remember This" and "Pick 2".  

Take 5
Every evening before going to bed, I will "Take 5" by setting my kitchen timer at 5:00 minutes and begin moving from room to room putting away as much as I can before the timer goes off.

Everyday 20
I have already implemented this structure into my life and it's totally working amazingly well!  At any given moment of the day (before work or after the dinner dishes are placed in the dishwasher) I will set my sights on putting away 20 things that are out of place.  Sometimes it's a room, sometimes it's just a CLEAN SWEEP!

Remember This
Artwork, pictures, exceptional schoolwork, crafts and awards are kept in this household.  Each child has a yearly bin that houses all the above - it is my job, of course, to organize, sort and save these beloved piece of art and memorabilia.  This years goal is to also frame select pieces of art (rather than just storing everything in the bin).

Pick 2
I don't know about you, but my ever-looming, ever-towering, ever-impossible list of "Things To Do" just seems plain IMPOSSIBLE!  I have the best intentions while adding to my list, staring at my list, and ultimately choosing which item(s) I will defeat each day, however, my list seems to grow and grow and grow, with very few items marked off.  This equals a super duper sad face :(.  BUT, there is hope!!  I am creating a new system - a system of 2.  This number is a very non-evasive, non-defensive, non-opposing number.  It is simply one more than one.  It is 2.  It is picking 2 items off the forever long "To Do List" I have created and accomplishing them.  Yes, that's right!  I said ACCOMPLISH!  Just the thought of marking the box on 2 items a week brings a sweet, sweet feeling to my heart.  I will "Pick 2" items each week off my "To Do List" and accomplish.  The End.


  1. the Take 5 and Everyday 20 concepts! Definitely borrowing that idea!!! Good luck girl!

  2. Love the stations idea. Gonna have to swipe that.