Monday, March 14, 2011

House Guests = Motivation

I am beyond thrilled and elated for the arrival of my dear sister in law and sweet niece, Katy and Nya. They are escaping the winter cold of Iowa to join us in the perfect Arizona springtime. I have just three short weeks to get my home in order! I heart this kind of motivation.... It is what I thrive off of.

I have a long list of "To Do's", a few of which are: redecorate the front entryway, redecorate the "kids"/"guest" bathroom, organize, organize, organize, and finally helping them feel "at home".

I am turning the current "Animal Kingdom" bathroom into a vintage "heavenly" feel. My challenge is to create a space in which my son (age (almost) 10) feels comfortable in, AKA - "not girly".

My vision for the front porch includes topiaries placed in tall urn style planters on either side of the front door, accompanied by a black, stylish door mat.

Of course organizing is almost always on the top 5 of my list, and sometimes it comes easy, other times forced....

Here's to tomorrow's work... Stay tuned for before pictures :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

my friend, Carey.

my friend Carey,
is a gift.

what started out as a work relationship,
grew into a sincerely close friendship.  
she is my mentor.
she is my "tell all".
she is one of my best friends.
...and I heart her.

my friend Carey has a heart and passion for writing.
take that a step further...
she has a heart and passion for reaching women
with outstretched arms.
she desires to challenge, motivate, build, and grow...
every woman's relationship with
their spouse
and their children.  
Carey is gifted. 

is about to launch her heart's work.

is about to affect hundreds...
of women everywhere.

...with her gift.


Coming August 2011

read more about my friend, Carey, here...