Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life Sometimes

Life Sometimes:

- urges me to turn off the tv during my favorite tv show's season finale just to watch my 3 year old dance around the room like a ballerina, repeating, "Mommy, watch me!"

- gives me the stress and headache of cleaning up self made messes: flooding the laundry room because I "forgot" to turn the plugged sink faucet off.

- causes me to stop what I am doing, and make the choice to live life creating happiness instead of pursuing it

- punches me in the gut with constant issues with my children, my home and my life

- moves in me the desire to make my home beautiful for my family

- motivates me to change old habits to simplify new one's

- exhausts me

- excites me with new challenges

- provides me close friendships that I could not imagine life without

- brings moments that cause me to laugh hysterically

- stirs in me the need to do something different

- shows me not my direction, but God's

- interrupts blog writing because a certain 3 year needs attention

- very clearly says, "GO"

- and I need to listen

- Missions. 2011.

Monday, May 2, 2011

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