Friday, January 20, 2012

Purging Update

"We actually use 20 percent of what we own 80 percent of the time," 

I have spent the last week focusing on PURGING!!  I have been using many websites and strategies to help me, but when it comes down to it, I have come to understand that 
I just need to RID my home of STUFF.  

As I have shifted my ways from "save it" to "toss it" (with using a straight head in knowing what is junk and what is memorabilia) I have made headway every day... 

I have implemented organizational tools and stations and worked hard going from room to room, cabinet to cabinet, drawer to drawer, floor space to floor space - purging and organizing.  In the last two years that I made the shift and the CHOICE to change our living space, I have accomplished SO much.  I have to admit, it is very encouraging to look around and see the difference my hard work has made.  Two years is a long time, I know, but with the amount of stuff, and the little time I have to commit towards this goal, I am quite pleased.  I used to sit around my home and desire it to be different.  I desired it to be clean, organized and... well, perfect.  While perfection is basically unattainable, I am happy with (almost) perfect - and I am proud to say that it's on it's way :).  

Here are some inspirational images that grow my desire towards an (almost) perfectly organized and clean home.  :)



Here's to Organization!

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