Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Shower & 3rd Birthday

BLOGGING BLOGGING BLOGGING! It has become my life lately! Especially because I am planning both a Baby Shower AND a 3rd Birthday party - both for very sweet ladies in my life. I have become slightly obsessed with this new world - it has both motivated me and inspired me - helping me to discover the creative side that is hiding deep, deep inside. I have always said I am not creative, but that I can take someone else's creative ideas and implement them. Well, I have now stepped out of that comfort zone and began taking steps at being creative in my own sense. How am I doing? Well, if it's not that well - don't tell me ;).

I am planning a Vintage Tea Party Baby Shower for a dear friend of mine, Mrs. Julianna, as we celebrate the soon-to-be Gabriella Marie. We'll celebrate with tea, brunch and gifts and I am taking bits and pieces from about 102 BLOGS and also a few of my own creations/ideas.

My dear Alexandria Rose will be 3 in just 2 short months, so the ideas I have been thinking about since before her 2nd birthday are now going into affect. We'll celebrate with a Candy Land theme - can you say sweet tooth?

I will keep you posted as the days go on...


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ruffles.... Free!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this AMAZING blog and AMAZING giveaway from my dear friend Carey - check out her blog at www.withjoycarey.blogspot.com and enter for a chance at her NEW creation :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

GIVEAWAY #2!!!!!

And Another!! This product is just AMAZING and I will do whatever it asks to be in the running for a FREE one!! Whoo hoo!!



Amazing Giveaway - Check it out!


I could do some amazingly fun things with this!! Imagine wall art! Kids clothing! Me Clothing! Handbags! Arts/crafts projects! The list goes on and on!

Dear Santa: Please bring me one for Christmas :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Furniture Project :)

A $10 Estate Sale Find + Amazing Potential....

= The Perfect Nightstand for Madison

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bookcase... finally

Since we bought our house 4 1/2 years ago, we have dreamed of creating a library in the room next to our family room/kitchen (divided by a pony wall). We dreamed of a wall of bookshelves, a couple sitting chairs, reading lamps, and a nice shag rug. We've talked and talked about it... dreamed and dreamed of it. And it's finally happening :).

I finished painting the room about 2 weeks ago - it matches the kitchen and family room (cream and blue/grey) with the blue color being the dominant color. Jon's drums will continue to reside in this room, which are a steely turqouise blue color.

We've had our old entertainment center/hutch in the room since we moved here. It has served basically no storage since it's had our old tv sitting in it all this time. One of the two bottom cabinets is broken and it just was a huge piece of furniture wasting up space.

Well, I got the itch to re-do this room, so naturally i just had to do it! I am not a very patience person and once I get an itch, it becomes a very intense scratch within just days. So... the project started :).
Jon had been talking about building the bookshelves, but when we got down to it... we realized it would be cheaper, less stressful and a LOT faster to just buy them!
This morning started with an online visit to http://www.ikea.com/, in which we found the perfect storage/shelving solution! However, it was out of stock and after a call to customer service, I learned it was discontinued... so we decided to make the long trek out to the store and since it's family day we had the whole afternoon to spend there!

We found the next best solution to our storage/shelving needs and about 5 hours later, were back at home with about a bajillion boxes :). Did i mention we drove the pick up and the a/c went out?
We will begin the actual "work" of this project tomorrow, so as soon as we have the shelves complete I will post some pictures! For now... check out these pictures that are part of my inspiration for our home!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Staying Home

I have had the last 2 days to spend at home (in lieu of work) and have been able to scratch through a bunch of my impending "To Do's". I was able to tackle loads of laundry, run some errands and MOST importantly :) - PAINT! I am only able to paint one room at a time and today I was able to paint the room in which we refer to as "the drum room" - Jon's music room/my future study room.

What I have found a little more than slightly frustrating is that I am slightly inpatient and would love my whole house to be repainted/decorated NOW! Is that asking too much? However, I have to remind myself that it's much, much more fun to do it slowly and find my "treasures" one at a time. The other hard part is that I am going from one decor style to a COMPLETELY different decor style! From contemporary/traditional to vintage/chic.

I stink at remembering to take before pictures, but have some super fun after pictures to post soon! I have to say that this whole "Something Old, Something New" is SO addicting!

The other "dilemma" is the fact that I need to get rid of almost EVERY accessory from my previous decor style - which means a HUGE Craigslist posting is looming in my future.

While I have been dreaming of what my home will look like after time... here are some AMAZING rooms/color that have caught my eye.....
LOVE the steel grey/blue color - it's the color I am looking to use in our Front Room.

Again, LOVING the paint color used on this "focal point" area of the room.,...