Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Look

I finally have my laptop back!! This means I finally have access to my pictures and can FINALLY blog!! I have been super busy completely re-decorating my house, including a brand new paint job! We are literally going on the extreme end, but perhaps a little opposite of what most consider "extreme". Our walls in our Family Room and Kitchen were once dark red, gold, and moss green. They now stand a beautiful soft light creamy tan and an amazingly calm and cool blue/gray color. Wow. The difference is so wonderful! Now, instead of being fronted with a bold and aggressive red, we step into a gentle and slightly shabby chic simpleness. Can't wait to re-paint the rest of our house... it will be a room by room project. With the paint, also comes the re-decorating. We have decided to keep all of our furniture (dark wood) and select accessories (rugs, lamps, etc.) and mesh it with the new Vintage/Shabby Chic look. We'll get some super fun new curtains that will tie the whole room together! I'm thinking a bold print - maybe flowers? or song birds? I want to find the perfect print, so we'll see how long it takes me!

I am currently working on my accessories for the room - here is a sneak peak!
So Much Fun!