Monday, January 2, 2012

The 1st and 2nd

Happy 2012!

I meant to start this post yesterday, but after church, my husband and I went to my parents and dropped off the kids for the remainder of the day and night so we could have some alone time! Whoo hoo for us! We were so excited to watch the Bronco game at BW3's and to go bowling (where I kicked butt the first game!) So, today's post will hold my January 1 and 2 posts.

I am easily motivated and encouraged by lists and plans that others have already created to help me in my journeys through life. Recently, I have discovered and her super fun decluttering calendar. I am basing my 2012 resolution on her calendar and the daily "to do's". I plan on documenting my success here :).

January 1
Today I have thought about what I want to accomplish in 2012. This year I resolve to complete my mission that started about 18 months ago - to simplify, clean and organize my entire home (including the garage). By trait I am a pack rat. I save everything. Everything. Or I did up until the beginning of this seemingly unattainable mission. However, taking it day by day, I have accomplished so very much and have come closer and closer to being about 70% of the way done. I plan on tracking my progress right here (daily or weekly) in hopes of motivating myself!

Here are some goals:
1. Post daily or weekly
2. Do something every day, even if it's putting away 5 things from my "junk" area
3. Reward myself after huge milestones
4. Continue with daily housecleaning and upkeep (aside from this project)
5. Create a "plan of attack" with a checklist ( I heart checklists!)
6. Not to become discouraged if my plan doesn't work perfectly
7. Involve the kids and encourage them to live in simplicity and with organization
8. Have a garage sale and use the money to pay down debt
9. Post more expensive items on Craigslist
10. Every room of the house will be completely organized and simplified, as well as clean
11. I will have "stations" and processes in place to continue my organized living
12. I will complete this 2012 resolution

Here's to a beautiful home!

January 2

Today's task is to create a "Donation Station". I love it! Right now, I just pile all the donation items on my dryer, so the idea of having a place for the family to put their un-needed items makes my heart happy. One of the largest pieces of this over-arching goal of simplifying and organizing my home is by purging! And while I have already purged tons and tons of stuff, I STILL have a ton of stuff to get rid of! So, this being my first task actually is a big deal, as simple as it is.

Here is my "Donation Station" - located by the front door (so that it is a constant reminder and won't be forgotten about).

Whoo hoo for Day 1 and 2 completion.

Simplified.  Organized.  Clean.  

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