Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Winter Wonderland

In my dream world my house would be decorated with an assortment of the like:
Naturally I will dream of accomplishing them all...
I love the personality in this tree - (oh and the birds)

This would be just darling as a centerpiece...

Country Living

I think this is what I want my kitchen to look like.... the bedboard, the chandelier, old table and chairs, hand crochet tablecloth... tree... it's all, well, perfection.
Country Living

Something about this tree is just dreamy to me - perhaps it's the golds and blues, or the stocking display, or the vintage chair adorned with (what I would have: a vintage potato sack pillow.)

Country Living

This will be my future family room. It just has to be...
Country Living

I am in love with this book page wreath - if I ever have the time, I will make one just like it.

My dear friend Carey with sent me the link to this tree last month - she just knew I would love it. It's on my Must Accomplish List.

This stocking just caught my eye immediately - I LOVE LOVE it! The canvas - the use of dots, the authenticity, the rosettes - they all had me at hello :).
Birgit Kerr

Oh, if I could just have ONE of these beautiful pieces in my home, I think I would just be in Love - forever. Naturally I dream... hopefully I can accomplish.
Merry Christmas


  1. And I know the PERFECT place to find a lot of it... the antique mall C recommended is literally 5 miles from my house. Someone needs to come to Chandler!

  2. LOVE all of it! One piece at a time and YOU need to make those little trees!