Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wall Art

I was inspired by my amazing friend
to create this fun project :)
I originally set out to make a pair for Lexie's room, but ended up liking this one for our study/drum room.
(sorry for the lighting - took this in the afternoon when the natural light in the room wasn't the best)
Here is how I did it....

Step 1: Canvas (I bought mine at Michaels during a 40% off sale!)
Step 2: Adhesive (I chose spray adhesive)

Step 3: 1st layer of paper cut to size

Step 4: Add additional layers

Step 5: Final touches (I used a Cricut machine to print the tag and letters)
Step 6: Add Hanger (I chose twine, but you could easily use ribbon) - secured with hot glue
The Final Result:
This one will (obviously) go into little Miss. Lexie's room (initials A.R.W. for Alexandria Rose)

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