Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Staying Home

I have had the last 2 days to spend at home (in lieu of work) and have been able to scratch through a bunch of my impending "To Do's". I was able to tackle loads of laundry, run some errands and MOST importantly :) - PAINT! I am only able to paint one room at a time and today I was able to paint the room in which we refer to as "the drum room" - Jon's music room/my future study room.

What I have found a little more than slightly frustrating is that I am slightly inpatient and would love my whole house to be repainted/decorated NOW! Is that asking too much? However, I have to remind myself that it's much, much more fun to do it slowly and find my "treasures" one at a time. The other hard part is that I am going from one decor style to a COMPLETELY different decor style! From contemporary/traditional to vintage/chic.

I stink at remembering to take before pictures, but have some super fun after pictures to post soon! I have to say that this whole "Something Old, Something New" is SO addicting!

The other "dilemma" is the fact that I need to get rid of almost EVERY accessory from my previous decor style - which means a HUGE Craigslist posting is looming in my future.

While I have been dreaming of what my home will look like after time... here are some AMAZING rooms/color that have caught my eye.....
LOVE the steel grey/blue color - it's the color I am looking to use in our Front Room.

Again, LOVING the paint color used on this "focal point" area of the room.,...

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